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GPS tracking of company assigned vehicle

Are there any rules or laws concerning placing a tracking device to monitor the usage of a company provided vehicle that is used daily in the course of required business travel? Can I monitor an exempt employee as to what they are doing and where they go? This is in the state of Georgia if that has any concern towards your answer.

Most of the current legislation on GPS tracking is in regards to private vehicles. While there is legislation that specifically addresses the use of monitoring devices on employer vehicles, I couldn’t locate any such law in Georgia.

There are some practical points to consider.

Consider the business need for tracking. GPS tracking is very common for delivery or busing companies to identify efficient routes. Is there a legitimate business need to monitor the vehicle?

Though GPS tracking of a company owed vehicle may be legal, the employees’ privacy must still be considered. Monitoring the employee’s non-work time may elicit privacy concerns. So, consider using a device that can be turned off after hours.

Most importantly, communicate your intent to monitor the vehicle’s whereabouts in advance. Consider adopting a GPS monitoring policy that clearly states:

• All company vehicles have a GPS tracking device.
• Any employee who uses a company vehicle should have no expectation of privacy.
• The rules for disabling the GPS device for non-work time.
• When the monitoring will actually occur, i.e. during normal work hours or whenever the vehicle is in use.
• Any tampering or attempt to disable or shut down the device is not permitted.

Lastly, it’s advised to have any employee expected to use a company owned vehicle sign an acknowledgment form that specifically includes the GPS monitoring policy and a statement to the effect that by signing the employee consents to and understands the vehicle will be monitored.

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