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Salaried Worker and Holiday Pay

We have a salaried worker that has Fridays off. Can you please clarify something for me? If a holiday falls on Friday, does he get to take another day off that week? For example, thanksgiving is a Thursday and our company gives us a paid day off for black Friday. He is now taking Wednesday off in place of Friday. Is that the way it works? Please advise.

There is no federal law (or state law that I’m aware of) that requires private employers to give paid time off for holidays. Thus, employers are generally free to adopt holiday policies of their choosing. This includes whether or not an employee is entitled to another day off in a workweek during which a recognized holiday occurs on his day off.

Many companies would allow an employee in this situation to take another day off in order for the employee to receive the benefit of the paid time off for the recognized holiday. Again, doing so is not required but is fairly common practice.

Consider the wording of your holiday policy. Do you guarantee employees a specified number of paid holidays per year? If so, then you should provide the employee with the additional day off to satisfy the promise of such benefits.

Further, consider how many holidays are recognized on Fridays. Will employees who regularly have Fridays off get their fair share of paid holiday benefits?

The choice is up to you. Just remember, you’re setting a precedent. Whatever you decide now, the same benefit should be awarded to other employees in similar situations in the future. HTH!

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2 Responses to “Salaried Worker and Holiday Pay”

  1. Victoria Says:

    An employee is leaving and has two weeks vacation. She has worked from Aug 30, 2012 thru Nov 30, 2015. She has not worked the full year. What is she entitled to as far as vacation?

  2. hrlady Says:

    Hi Victoria,
    The employee’s vacation needs to be prorated. What exactly she’s entitled to depends on whether vacation is based on the anniversary year or calendar year. The same calculation can be used either way.
    Let’s say, for example, it’s based on the anniversary date. So, the employee’s plan year is August 30 to August 29 of the following year. If she is leaving on November 30th she is only entitled to the vacation time should accrued from August 30th to November 30th, which is 13 weeks.
    Now, you have to determine how much vacation time the employee earns per week. An employee who works 8 hours a day, five days a week earns 80 hours (2 weeks) of vacation time per year. Divide total number of vacation hours (80) by number of weeks in a year (52) = 1.538 hours of vacation earned per week.
    Next, calculate the amount of time she earned from August 30th to November 30th. Hours of vacation earned per week (1.538) x entitlement weeks (13) = 19.99 vacation hours earned.
    Thus, the employee would be entitled to 19.99 hours of vacation.

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