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Elderly Former Worker

We have an insurance producer who is still coming to the office but his memory is getting progressively worse. He doesn’t remember that he has retired so he keeps coming to the office. We have contacted the family. We have told him over and over he has retired. How do we make him stop coming in?

It sounds like you’re being kind and supportive to this individual. But, you have a business to run. Clearly the individual is suffering from memory loss, maybe even dementia or a similar medical condition.

Unfortunately, discussing the situation with the individual himself seems to be pointless. Thus, it’s important to get through to the family.

It’s surprising that even after you contacted the family they haven’t intervened to ensure the individual is better supervised. Did you clearly inform them that his coming to the office is no longer permitted and he’s causing an uncomfortable environment? It’s common for managers/employers in this situation to be subtle with the family to avoid hurting feelings or coming across too harsh. This is understandable but it’s important to make your expectations clear with the family. Be compassionate but be direct.

You can also express concerns for the individual’s safety. If he acts this way with you he’s probably acting in a similar manner with others. Also, how is the individual getting to your business? If he’s driving himself then this should be another concern for the family.

A final resort could be calling the police. Inform them of the situation and your continued concern for the individual’s safety and the well-being of your staff. The police may contact the individual’s family directly prompting the family to take the matter more seriously. The police may even detain the individual for trespassing if you wanted to press charges. Though this is a drastic measure, it may be the only way to stop the situation from occurring again. Just make sure you clearly warn the family of your intentions to call the police the next time the individual shows up.

Again, the best course of action is to really get through to the family and hope they will better handle the situation. Best of luck.

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