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Does HR really matter?

Q: A little while ago, one of my friends texted me out of the blue, and he says, hey Muizz, I don’t think I can work here for long. I thought that my manager would change but now he is doing it again. This time he passed me with 10 times more work load than before. Then he went missing. Dude I have my own work to finish and he expects me to clear up his mess? The problem is if he is busy, then it’s fine I am willing to help, but he is not! Plus my other teammates also are messing around with a very light work load (I could tell because they go smoking like every 30 minutes and never missed punch out on time while I am the only person in the team stuck and go back home late). I told HR already about my manager attitudes but they could not do anything (I don’t think they even tried anything) and said he is a senior manager so you just have to deal with it. Pray that you will be changing teams and get a new team manager. Come on? I thought modern HR should be more understanding? I don’t think HR should call themselves HR. They should address themselves as admin instead! They are always busy doing administrative work. But where ever I go, most likely I will be facing the same issue. So, does HR really matter?

Our blog is reserved for HR/Employers but since you pose an interesting question….

Does HR really matter? OF COURSE!

Just like in every industry there are good and bad apples. And, there are plenty of bad apples in HR. But, a great HR professional/department can help an organization and its employees thrive.

In a nutshell, HR is responsible for the acquisition, retention and development of employees. So, with the foundation of any organization’s success being its people, HR is on the frontline of ensuring an organization attains its goals.

Some companies have yet to realize the power of a HR department. They prefer to use HR as the department that maintains employees’ files and acts as the “principal’s office” for disciplinary actions and, as you put it, are mostly administrative assistants.

On the other hand, some companies recognize the competitive advantage to having HR being their strategic business partner. This is where you’ll find great HR professionals who know their businesses, know how to attract and keep the best employees, and truly want both employees and the employer to succeed. Creating competitive compensation and benefits packages, keeping employees engaged in their jobs, providing training and resources to all employees, managing conflict in the workplace, managing employee performance, managing labor contracts, sourcing and analyzing company data, ensuring compliance with a myriad of federal and state labor and employment regulations, shaping and modeling employee culture all while still having to do basic administrative tasks is all part of HR.

Now, in your friend’s situation, a good HR department would’ve addressed the problems with your friend and his manager. It’s difficult to provide specific advice without knowing the details of the situation. Generally speaking, your friend should have been given the tools and resources to succeed in his position. This includes how to “manage up”, transfer options, or even how to make the most of a difficult situation. We’re not miracle workers and we can only intervene so much. But, again, we can give employees the proper skills and knowledge needed to perform their job. Even if those skills are how to deal with a horrible boss that we can’t/won’t terminate.

HR really does matter and we’re going to be around for a while. Hopefully, we’ll see more productive HR departments and less administrative ones. With any luck, you and your friend will one day witness the benefits of a modern day, dynamic HR department.

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