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Vacation time for the whole year

Is it unfair for an employee to put in vacation time ahead for the whole year to avoid overlapping vacation time with another employee? My partners in a medical practice thinks it is unfair because they don’t know when they can decide on their vacation. So?

Unfortunately, a vacation policy that makes every single employee happy is impossible. So, whether a policy is fair or not is subjective to a company’s culture.

Some employers actually require their employees to put in for their vacation time for the entire year in January. Though some employees may consider this practice unfair for the same reasons your partners do, it can be beneficial for both employer and employee.

Putting in vacation time for the whole year allows the employer to plan appropriately for absences. In your case, you and your partners know which weeks another partner will be away and you can plan coverage and even your own vacations accordingly. The one partner shouldn’t be faulted for scheduling his vacations in advance. In fact, he’s kind of doing you a favor.

Now, if the one partner puts in for the same holiday weeks every year then the fairness of the practice is questionable. For example, if he puts in for the week of Christmas and New Years every year, not allowing any of the other partners to ever have this time off then this is clearly an issue. In this case, you may consider alternating select holiday weeks each year. Or, consider only permitting vacation requests within 3 months of the week requested.

It’s really up to what works best for each partner and the business overall.

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