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Client Referral Policy for Employees

I am looking to write up a client referral policy for our employees to utilize however I am having a hard time finding sample policies/templates and rewards/payouts for this. Has anyone had experience in building one of these out?

A client referral program is a great low cost, easy to implement marketing tool. Creating a policy is fairly simple.

When writing the policy consider the following:

• What is the purpose of the policy? Rewarding employees/finding long term clients?
• Who is eligible to participate? Full time employees/part time employees? Is management excluded?
• How does the program work? What are the rules? How do new clients inform you who referred them? What constitutes a new client (an initial meeting/a signed contract etc…)? Does re-signing previous clients count? Is there a deadline for clients stating who referred them?
• What are the rewards and how/when do employees receive it? Do employees pick from an assortment of rewards or is up to the employer?

You may also consider including information on what type of clients you’re interested in sourcing. This is likely to increase the quality of referrals.

Referral policies should be clear and easy to understand. You don’t want employees to misunderstand the guidelines or the rewards.

The type of rewards depends on the business and its employees. If each client brings in an average of $100,000 in business then giving employees a movie ticket for the referral isn’t much of a thank you. It’s also important to consider the demographic of employees. Older employees may not appreciate electronic gifts whereas younger employees may not appreciate an elegant clock.
Common rewards include a two pack of movie tickets, $25-$50 AMEX cards, or restaurant gift certificates. Some employers even offer additional vacation time which almost every employee is sure to like. Depending upon the size of your company, you may consider simply asking employees what type of rewards would be most appealing. This way you ensure employees will be motivated in getting referrals.

Lastly, remember to communicate the policy to staff and periodically send reminders.


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