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Adding a 2nd Shift

What are some considerations we should take into account in regards to HR and payroll items if we are considering starting a second shift in Nebraska?

Many companies don’t think about the problems with adding a second shift until after issues start to occur. Good for you for being proactive.

The most significant issue to consider when adding a second shift is staffing.

Identify the number of employees needed and the experience/skill sets required. Create a recruiting plan for sourcing and interviewing candidates. Consider the possibility of current staff requesting to transfer to second shift. Determine how background checks will be conducted in a timely but efficient manner. Consider the new hire process in its entirety including paperwork, training, and on-boarding. Of course, the number of employees to be hired greatly impacts these considerations.

It’s often difficult to find workers, especially managers willing to work second or third shift. Competitive salaries (including differential pay) and a comprehensive benefits package go a long way in finding and retaining good employees. The location of the employer also greatly impacts the ability to recruit second shift workers.

An issue that is often overlooked when adding a second shift is the applicability of current company policies and procedures. Some may be written in a way that only applies to the first shift. Review all policies and make edits as appropriate.

Review contracts related to all benefits. Some may stipulate the number of employees covered. If so, they may need to be revised if adding a large number of employees.

Also, depending on the number of employees to be hired, additional support staff in HR or Payroll may be needed, maybe just on a temporary basis.

Payroll issues arise when there is a lack of communication. Make sure Payroll is aware of the expected number of employees to be hired and when. Inform Payroll of any special pay designations or any other payroll related information that applies to second shift employees.

Adding a second shift of employees comes with different challenges than simply hiring a new employee. Proactively considering these challenges will ease the on-boarding process.

Having limited or no access to other departments like Maintenance, Purchasing, Payroll, or HR can leave second shift workers feeling left out or unsupported. It’s important to ensure second shift employees have access to necessary departments and feel like part of the team. There are different ways to achieve this depending on the company. A basic but not so easy goal is to maintain effective open communication with all employees and between shifts. Make sure information (training/educational opportunities, new policies/procedures, agency events etc…) is shared across the company. Create opportunities for employees from all shifts to communicate with each other. This may include company sponsored events or something as simple as ensuring all employees have access to email.

Also, the management team sets the company culture. Open communication and clear support to the second shift managers/supervisors will help with bridging the gap with second shift workers.

Periodically check in with second shift workers to ensure their needs are being met. Be open to feedback and address suggestions/concerns as necessary.

Lastly, we were unable to locate any employment laws in Nebraska that specifically address second shift workers. Make sure both federal and state labor laws are applied to all employees.


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