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Holiday on a Sunday

If an employee works on a Holiday which falls on a Sunday and then works the following day which would be Holiday pay, due to the holiday falling on a Sunday is the Monday holiday pay as well?

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes compensation requirements for employers. The FLSA doesn’t require private employers to pay employees for time not worked (i.e. time off for a holiday). Time off for holidays and holiday pay are considered a matter of agreement between employer and employee. Of course, paid time off for nationally recognized holidays is a common benefit offered to employees.

Employers are generally free to implement holiday policies as they deem suitable. Such policies should be clear on how holiday time off and holiday pay are managed when a recognized holiday falls on a weekend and when employees are expected to work on a holiday.

Usually, employees are entitled another day off to recognize a holiday that they had to work or holiday pay for working on the recognized holiday. Sometimes, though not common, employers offer both. It’s ultimately up to the employer to decide.

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