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Last Paycheck for Incarcerated Employee

What do you do with an employee’s last pay check if they are incarcerated? We’re in Kansas City, Missouri.

According to Missouri’s Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, final wages are due at the time an employee is terminated. Employees who resign should receive their last paycheck by the next regular pay period. Of course, ensuring an employee who’s been incarcerated receives their final paycheck can be difficult.

The best course of action is to pay the employee as normal. So, if he usually receives direct deposit then deposit the due wages as normal. If the paycheck is usually mailed to the employee then mail it to the employee’s last known address.

If the paycheck is normally hand delivered then it’s best to send it to the employee’s last known mailing address.

Even if you know the employee is incarcerated, it’s best to attempt to contact him. Basically, you want to show that you made a good faith effort to pay him. Try reaching out to a family member or his lawyer in an attempt to reach him so he can tell you where to send the money. Now, if someone other than the employee tells you what to do with the money make sure you get the request in writing from the employee before doing anything.

If the check remains un-cashed, then you can report it to the Unclaimed Property Office of the Missouri State Treasurer.

Never cancel the check or use the money. Remember, the wages were earned by the individual and the pay belongs to him.


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