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Return to Work Certification

We have an exempt employee who has been out for an injury that happened outside of work. He does not qualify for FMLA but has been seeking ongoing treatment. We received his return to work certification today. His supervisor has requested to see a copy of it. This certification does not disclose medical information only restrictions he may have. Can I show this to the supervisor/owner? I’ve already advised the supervisor of restrictions.

As long as no medical information is included on the form then the Supervisor may review it. Any medical related information should be disclosed only on a strict need-to-know basis. It would be interesting to know why the Supervisor is insisting on seeing the form when you’ve already disclosed what’s on it. Does the Supervisor have reason to believe the employee’s restrictions are based on a fraudulent claim? Or is he concerned that he may not be able to abide by the restrictions? It sounds like there may be more going on here. So, make sure you talk to the Supervisor.



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Workplace Health & Safety.
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