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Employee’s Retirement

An employee disclosed he was planning on retiring within the next year. Said time has passed and nothing more has been said. He holds a supervisor position within the company and over the last year the training of his successor has been taking place. The employee has said nothing more about when he will be retiring. What can be said or done to firm up the date of retirement?

The best approach is to meet with the employee. Let him know that you appreciate him giving advanced notice of his retirement and training his successor. State that you think his successor is ready to take over the position, assuming of course you do. And you’d like to confirm his exact date for retiring so you can best prepare for the transition. Hopefully, this is enough to get the employee to set a date. If the employee is unsure of an exact date, try to narrow him down to a timeframe. Don’t try to push him out. Rather, focus on the need to prepare for his departure. Follow up with him again when the timeframe is about to expire.

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Human Resources Management.
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