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Investigation Needed

An employee made a complaint about a confrontation that occurred between him and another employee. He notified HR but asked that no action be taken. Should an investigation be completed?

As HR Professionals, we tend to hear a lot of complaints. Of course, some warrant thorough investigations while others are just employees needing someone to talk to about a problem. When the latter occurs, we need to consider the information provided and use our best judgment in determining whether further action is needed.

In this case, the employee came to you for a reason. He may have stated that he doesn’t want any action taken but then what was his reasoning for telling you about the situation that transpired between him and his coworker. He may have simply needed advice on how to deal with a difficult coworker or it may be more serious in that he feels threatened by his coworker and is unsure about asking for help.

Without knowing the details of the situation it’s impossible to say if an investigation is warranted or not. Consider the employee’s complaint and both his and his coworker’s history with the company. Does either the employee or his coworker have a past practice of similar confrontations? Is there a reason to believe the confrontation may cause either employee to be uncomfortable at work or affect their work performance?

If you have any doubt, meet with the employee again. Let him know that you understand his request to not take further action but it’s still your responsibility to ensure employees adhere to company policies including being professional and treating each other with respect.


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