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Manager Lied on Employee’s Performance Review

A manager lied about facts on an employee’s performance review and the employee has proven they were lies by producing documentation. Are there any concerns with this manager continuing to manage said employee?

Anytime any employee provides false information is concerning. Whether anything more than counseling the manager is necessary depends on the details of the situation.

Did the manager intentionally falsify the information on the review? Could it be a misunderstanding or perceived different version of events? Would the falsified information have shown the employee in such a negative light that he/she would’ve been significantly negatively impacted (i.e. not eligible for a bonus or promotion)? Is there a history of the manager providing false or misleading information? Is there a history of the manager and the employee not working well together?

Of course, if it’s found that the manager intentionally provided false information to negatively impact the employee, then the manager should not only be counseled but he/she should not be supervising the employee. If this is the case, an investigation should be conducted to determine the manager’s reasoning, possible similar past practice with the employee, and if any other employees are having similar issues with this particular manager. The situation may be larger than this one employee.

If the manager was not malicious in his/her actions but failed to properly document a situation or conduct expected due diligence regarding the situation, then he/she should be counseled. Typically, in this case, the manager-employee relationship can still be maintained but the employee may have issues trusting the manager, justifiably so. The relationship may need additional support for a time and the manager may benefit from management training.


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