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Falsifying Time Sheets

What is Washington State law for employees (instructors) falsifying their time sheets as well as falsifying their students time cards?

Though not a typical response to falsification of time sheets, it’s possible for an employee to be prosecuted for theft, fraud, or possibly even embezzlement under Washington law. Of course, whether the employee’s actions in this case warrant such charges depend on the details of the situation. Thus, it’s advisable to seek local legal guidance if criminal activity is suspected.

A more common approach to dealing with an employee who has falsified his time sheet and/or falsified his subordinates’ time sheets is disciplinary action based on company policy and past practices.

Many companies consider falsification of any company documents to warrant termination while others will issue warnings to first time offenders.

In a situation where an employee in an administrative role (like an instructor) is falsifying not only his own time sheets but the time sheets of his subordinates (students), it’s best to investigate the matter fully and determine appropriate disciplinary action for all parties involved. Obviously, the instructor is ultimately responsible for his actions which may warrant termination. However, whether the students should face disciplinary actions depend on their awareness of the instructor’s wrongdoing.

It’s worth mentioning that under both federal and Washington state wage and hour laws, employers are ultimately responsible for ensuring employees are paid all due wages appropriately.

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