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File Maintenance

What are types of file maintenance in HR?

File maintenance refers to the information stored in employee’s personnel records, retention and destruction policies for such information, and audits on such practices/records.

Employee personnel files should have at least the following: application/resume, education/employment verifications, references, Form I-9, benefits elections and medical paperwork (stored in a confidential section), job title, pay information, and, ultimately, termination/resignation notices.

More detailed files include: offer letter, job description, signed acknowledgement of handbook/policies, any documents related to employment (i.e. contract, transfers, promotions), W-4 and applicable state tax form, performance appraisals, disciplinary actions, employee recognitions, training records, emergency contact notifications and exit interviews.

Most employers have different filing systems for general employee information, medical/confidential information for protected information, and detailed payroll information (usually stored with a Payroll Administrator). Employee files should be in a secure location accessed by authorized individuals only.

Retention policies vary per industry; however, certain information like Form I-9 have strict retention guidelines. So, it’s important to consider any applicable regulations and adopt a retention management policy.

It’s also best practice to periodically audit employee files to ensure information is being stored appropriately and in compliance with applicable regulations. Create a checklist to be certain not only that files are stored correctly but also to check individual files for required information.


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